About Laura


Laura is an internationally known Systemic Family Constellation facilitator/trainer. She happily serves as an intuitive guide for those seeking clarity and resolution to challenging issues. By gaining new perspectives and releasing what does not belong to them, her clients begin to relax into a more satisfying life, experiencing fewer triggers, less reactivity, and more presence.

You might spot Laura in the woods, the mountains, or dancing in the saltwater when she isn’t working. Nature soothes her soul.

” The imperative for healing is that your healer is healthier
and more evolved than the general population…with a lion’s heart, and courage in doing their own personal work
before asking you to do yours.
Laura has, without a doubt, stepped into the
darkest recesses of her pain, without hesitation,
knowing the true suffering of humanity as well as
the truth of the path to light and healing.
Her personal work has allowed for a merging of her soul, highest self, and authentic core self which provides a solid foundation
for her work with others.
Without hesitation,
I recommend her as a healer of excellence
for all who are searching for what they truly need.”

~ Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., Licensed Psychologist 
Developer of the Comprehensive Resource Model



  • Internationally known Systemic Family Constellations facilitator/trainer and Somatic Inner Parts Integration Practitioner
  • Advanced training and certification in Systemic and Family Constellation Therapeutics, Timeline and Transgenerational Processing Approach,    Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, soma-sensory focusing, and other expressive arts and embodiment therapies. 
  • Professionally trained and certified Integrative Health Coach and Personal Coach, with a special interest in working with youth, providing opportunities to lighten their load.
  • Free Range Dance Facilitator
  • Teacher Trainer for candidates in the Masters level teaching program: Mid-Career Math and Science, at Mills College, Oakland, CA
  • Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics Teacher, Leadership Director, X-country and track & field coach
  • Founder, Director and facilitator at Fincayra Health and Wellness Education Center
  • Founder of Bayside Experiential School

Additional Education

  • Stanford University, MA
  • University of California, BA, Regents Scholar
  • Hallingdal Folkeghøgskule, Gol, Norway 
  • Greatest Achievement: raising two kind-hearted human beings with a man that I respect and love. 

“I am a licensed therapist with a large young adult practice. I frequently refer clients to Laura Widman and her trans-generational epigenetic healing approach as well as her Clarity Coaching. She is my personal go-to practitioner for Constellation work. 
She has my highest recommendation.”

~Amanda S., licensed therapist

I am so grateful to the many teachers and healers who have  developed effective healing approaches with whom I have personally trained. Here are some, but not all, that have helped guide and transform my own life: Bert Hellinger, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed., Anngwyn St. Just, PhD, Hunter Beaumont, Gunther Weber, Albrecht Mahr, Daan Van Kampenhout, Mark Wolynn, Gary Craig, Lori Lorenz, Dr. R.G. Hamer, Dr. Leslie Feinberg, Berthold Ulsamer, Marta Thorsheim, Dan Booth Cohen, Emily Blefeld, Richard Schwarz, Ursula Franke, Lisa Iversen, Brigitta Sztab, Barry Krost, Ursula Bell, and Michael Reddy.

In addition, part of my education since 2002 in Systemic and Family Constellations Therapy included participating in workshops and learning circles with over 47 other SC/FC colleagues/facilitators. It is such a joy to see how this approach gets expressed uniquely through each of us called to facilitate. I thank all of my colleagues for their trust in the Field and boldly putting this emergent and powerful approach to good use in personal, familial, organizational and collective healing.

A special thank you to my colleague, Eve Rose, a skilled shamanic practitioner and lover of Earth’s beauty, whose willingness to explore the Knowing Field with me during the early years of my training, allowed me the faith and trust in myself to start facilitating professionally.

Above all, I am grateful to my clients, for their courage, commitment and dedication to exploring their catacombs in order to re-connect to their own brilliance. You are the beacons of light for others.