Applied Psycho-Neurobiology

According to my teacher, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, who developed this approach for his patients, “the greatest achievement in this world is not the avoidance of pain or struggle, but becoming consciously aware of how our choices, behaviors, and decisions impact not only our own reality, but also impact others. Our actions become part of the force of evolution, change and forward movement. Un-wellness is often the road-sign asking for a change in direction. Acknowledging the messages emanating from our body-mind-soul is often the first step releasing a cascade of beneficial flow.

The goals of both APN and Soma-Sensory Focusing (SFF) are to communicate with our unconscious inner realities, and process the primary emotions. While in dialogue with that inner reality, we can more clearly understand the nature and source of the symbolism of a symptom or issue. This approach is a means to clear the neurobiological ‘sludge’ to allow access to one’s highest consciousness and feelings of expansiveness. The ultimate goal is to be in more sustainable contact with the un-shattered authentic self, and begin to live from that brilliance.

Remembering and reconnecting to our internal as well as ancestral resources and joy is as important as the integration of traumatic and painful memories through the removal of distressing emotions. According to Lisa Schwarz, the creator of a highly effective therapy called the Comprehensive Resource Model, neuroscience research shows that focusing with our eyes, on a particular place in our visual field is correlated to specific pockets of unresolved, traumatic experiences. The areas in the brain holding these pockets of unprocessed material, called the Periaqueductal Grey and Superior Colliculi, also hold pockets of resources consisting of: care, nurturing, compassion, seeking and security. Using a variety of techniques, including focused and somatically anchored eye position, the brain can rewire to neutralize the negative affects associated with memories. Reactivity in the client’s nervous system shifts, often resulting in transformation in perception and reconnection to core self. 

“Laura is a healer that knows how to get out of her own way so that
 deep soul connection can take place within her work.
She has a way of listening to people beyond what words can express,
to truly find the root of where healing needs to happen.”

~ Mackenzie Rae