“The work that Laura does is about shining light on that which wants or needs to be seen.
It’s about bringing something invisible up to the surface or out into the open, making it visible and accessible.
Luminous packets of emotional human experience form stunning insights,
revealing a piece of the mysterious latticework of life.”
~Sharon P.

Laura Widman is a catalyst for transformation, insight, integration and wholeness. Using her empathic and intuitive gifts, combined with effective frameworks for gaining clarity beyond ordinary knowing, she supports you as you forge a deeper, truer connection to your core self. Those of you seeking focused guidance to re-connect your heart and soul with daily action, can unwind in Laura’s care. With her experience and skill, you can move through the clutter of habitual and inherited thoughts that may feel confining, confusing, and relentlessly unproductive. If you feel an impulse for healing, a yearning to find home within yourself or sense the ache of knowing there is something more for you emerging, please reach out and connect with Laura.


Surrounded are we, by the soul.
It permeates our being, and the Earth’s.
We have fluent access to this vast and brilliant space
And sometimes, all we need is a reminder or gentle guidance
Allowing our highest wisdom to reveal the truth already known within us.

Laura offers targeted support using modern approaches like Systemic and Family Constellations, Somatic Inner Parts Integration, Applied Psycho-Neurobiology, soma-sensory focusing, Expressive Arts and Embodiment techniques and more, allowing you to go beneath the visible contributors to your challenges, to gain both relief and renewal at the source.

Benefits of the Work

Laura invites you to take a deeper exploration into the neurobiology that is creating distressful issues or challenges in your life. Sometimes, these neural networks and ‘thought-mares’ plaguing your thinking originate long before your conception and are transmitted epigenetically through your lineage. There is a collective memory stored in ‘time capsules’ within your brain that we can tap into, allowing us to process, release and resolve distress. Using the power of empathy, attunement and effective healing methods, you can literally rewire the brain and restore your capacity for self-love, emotional regulation, and well-being. Changes in your perception and relationship with your be-ing are natural outcomes, often culminating in a foundational feeling of embodiment, integrated coherence, and spaciousness.

Clients have reported experiencing:

  • Remembering and embodying one’s true nature, the core self
  • A feeling of wholeness and calm, spaciousness and clarity
  • Re-connection with purpose in life, and service in the world
  • Relief from symptoms like anxiety, depression, overwhelm, pain, and restlessness
  • Feelings of spontaneous joy, ease, liberation, strength, power and lightness of being
  • Transformation from feelings of fear and immobilization to feeling security in focused action
  • Finding one’s ‘true voice’ and using it to communicate clearly
  • Felt-sense of ancestral support fluidly integrated with deep reconnection to self
  • Insight and increased compassion for family dynamics, and stronger bonds
  • A feeling of being in a co-creative and playful universe
  • A more resilient, satisfying and enjoyable life
  • And more…

“Laura is like a 21st century therapeutic portal
who integrates ancient wisdom, innovative healing approaches,
compassionate attunement, and contemporary neuroscience.
She is like a modern-day medicine woman. Wise beyond measure.”

Laura’s  Commitment to you:

  • Laura works in a unique and cross-pollinated way, blending varied approaches as intuited and as such, she is committed to continuing both her training in and creative development of innovative therapeutic techniques. 
  • Laura is dedicated to continuing her own ardent exploration and personal therapeutic work, which is at the core of any high quality, efficacious support she can offer.
  • Laura offers her undivided attention, and presence. She listens, guides and supports you without judgment, standing alongside you wholeheartedly, as you pursue your goals.