How Can a Constellation Help Me?

The quality of the bond, below the level of conscious thought, between us and our family of origin impacts our lives and those of our descendants.  Events in our family and systemic history that impacted the flow of life and love from one generation to another can be transformed. Experiences of separation can snowball over time and create impediments beyond our awareness. This approach allows us to reveal the seeds of the destructive flow through families, restoring harmony.

Participants often leave a constellation with a deeper understanding of how their un-wellness is so often a consequence of unhealed wounds in the distant past. Major shifts in health and wellbeing are possible.

Interestingly, clients have noticed that previously unknown relatives begin to make contact, affording new connections and information about family lineage. Participants have noticed new opportunities arise in career and relationships, as well as an ease in adopting healthier lifestyles. Some have experienced a shift in the efficacy of treatments or medicines previously ineffective, now becoming potent. It is like a gateway has opened in your life.

Working with Laura has helped me get out of my own way,
standing connected in my truth, strengthening my own voice
and allowing me to take action in a more satisfying way.”
~Barbara J.

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