Systemic Family Constellation Immersion Program
Systemic Family Constellation Immersion Program
 Part 1: March 27-July, 2021
Part 2: September-December, 2021
Part 3: Supervision Groups for previously trained facilitators
I look forward to gathering with all of you to take a deep dive into the
Field beyond ordinary knowing.
 My goal is to provide you with a supportive, insightful, and transformative learning experience
 All are welcome to join.
The Benefits of Joining a Training/Learning Circle (TLC)
Constellation work is unlike any other type of therapeutic modality. Being able to see, hear and feel things that reside below the level of our conscious awareness is both sublime and breathtaking at times. Whether done in groups or a 1:1 session, it is the single most effective and fascinating approach to healing that I have ever done.
To learn more about Constellations and their benefits, please go to:
Immersion Program Dates:
Part 1, Full Group Meetings
March 27,
April 10th & 24th,
May 8th & 22nd,
June 19th & 25th (Island trip)
July 3rd, 17th, 31st
Time: 1:00pm – 4:30pm
Location: Southside Bellingham.
Outdoors, under cover, heated. Limited to 10 people.
No prerequisites. Ages 15 and older welcome! You are welcome to join us for personal growth or certification.
Deadline to Register: March 23rd.
Part 2 Full Group Meetings:
2nd and 4th Saturdays from September-December, 2021.
Investment in yourself: $618.00                                                                             
 This includes unlimited access Q&A with me between classes. Payment plans of $154.50/mo. over 4 months, are accepted. No refunds available, but if you are not able to continue the training you may use the remainder as credit for personal sessions, or other offerings. (A single 1:1 two hour session with me is $180.00 so this is an excellent deal since you will be getting personal work addressed during EVERY meeting, in addition to the training material.)
Deadline for Part 1 is March 19th. First Come First Served. To Reserve your Spot, Please Register Here:
Program Overview
I offer a carefully curated curriculum. Yet, the vast majority of our time together will be learning by doing. It is the only way to understand this work.
Of paramount importance is to guide you in your own healing work, not only for personal growth, but also, if you work with others therapeutically. Doing your own deep healing work is the single most important criteria for any practitioner.
Your depth and capacity to meet What Is, along with learning a daily energetic hygiene practice will serve you well, if you work with others.
From our first Circle, we will focus on strengthening our capacity for attunement.
Slowing ourselves down to the rhythm of truth within and between us,
Opening our hearts and
Focusing our awareness on the spaciousness within.
Building intimate connection with each other is one of the joys of this format.
Regular practice will provide more of what is needed to be an excellent Facilitator, Healer or Listener than any theories ever will.
Curricular topics also include, but are not limited to:
  • Building Trust in the Field (takes practice, practice, practice)  Allowing the Flow.
  • Increasing capacity for Intuition, Embodied Awareness, Attunement, Whole-Body Listening
  •  History, Concepts, and Structures of Constellations, The Family Soul, Orders of Love
  • The science behind how Constellations may work
  •  Core Language and Tracking Entanglements to origins
  •  How to create a safe, and respectful container for this powerful work
  •  The Phenomenological Stance and Representative Perception, Calling in Support
  •  Practical self-care/mindfulness methods for before, during, and post Constellations
  •  Noticing clues, enhancing your felt sense and intuition. Discerning “What’s Mine?”
  •  Asking pertinent questions that will provide insight, clarity and movement in the Field
  •  How to show up for a client, leaving judgment and overt interpretation aside
  •  Coaching + Constellations
  •  Considerations for running your own Learning Circles, or events
  •  Vignettes, Small Group Exercises, Table Top Constellations
  •  One on One Sessions, Mindsight, Online, or Nature Constellations,
  •  Collective Constellations. Community issues, Global Issues, Rituals, Ceremony, and more…
To Learn More about Laura and Constellations, please visit:
Part 3 Supervisory Groups
Open to anyone who has completed my training or any other comprehensive Constellation training program. Contact me at
This is a customized offering that will meet you where you most desire the support.
Local in-person groups (I have a heated, outdoor, covered space available in Southside Bellingham, WA. or via Zoom.
Here are some examples of the possible designs for your Supervisory Group:
1.  Small group Circles are composed of previously trained Constellation facilitators who would love to practice facilitation under my guidance, and the enthusiastic support of their peers for incorporating their training into offerings of their own, or simply to continue to do their own deep healing work.
These circles are safe containers within which to be creative and experiment with your own ideas to test out in the Field.
  • Do you want to try out different structures, like IoPT, inner part integration, or other thematic based inquiries?
  • Would you like to do a series of vignettes Constellations, one right after another to gain a particular set of insights?
  • Would you like to incorporate scent, sound, music, movement or other modalities and test things out just for the fun of it, or before using such an idea on your own clients in your own therapeutic modalities?
  • Are you having challenges with certain clients and would like to set up a Constellation in order to see how best to proceed with them?
2. Customized Apprenticeship.
     This is an opportunity for you to ask for the guidance you need, and have 100% of my attention.      Some have chosen this option with me as a way to begin their own workshops. They ask me to sit in on their workshops either quietly taking notes to have an evaluative discussion afterwards, or to work as a team with them during the planning, outreach, facilitating and follow-up. This has been so much fun!
The possibilities are vast for our work together.
I look forward to exploring how I can be of service to you.
Dates: Ongoing, 2021
Contact me at:
Or 360-224-9278 to schedule a time to discern how an apprenticeship relationship or supervisory group might be just the thing you need right now.
Here’s to freedom and limitless exploration of Life itself,
With love,
Laura J. Widman, MA
Deadline to Register for Part 1 is March 23rd.
Space is Limited. First Come First Served.
Please Register Here:
Or, If Venmo is easier, please find me under:
@Laura J Widman (or LauraJan-Widman)