“Laura has this natural ability to connect deeply to you, making you feel instantly at ease and welcome.
She is one of the most generous, compassionate and intuitive persons that I have ever met.
Sometimes, it almost feels as if she can read your soul. Her feedback is always right on. 
On top of that her cheerful personality is a pleasure to be around.
During our Wilderness Soultrek Circle she released someone from a painful past,
and this was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever witnessed.” 
~ Marie M., a Soultrek wilderness participant

1:1 Sessions

1st Session is 2 hours @180.00

Hourly rate for subsequent sessions is
$90.00/hour. Prorated
We meet at my office space in downtown Bellingham, over the phone, or in nature.

“Laura is an incredibly kind, generous and intuitive empath. She has changed my life. I’m a 26 year old grad student who suffered from anxiety and depression, not helped by traditional talk therapy and afraid to get hooked on pharmaceuticals. I’m so grateful to know and work with Laura, long distance, by phone. She has helped me gain clarity and contentment in my life as well as the confidence to break old and distant patterns of thinking and being, ushering in new, authentic and electrifying pathways.”

Group Offerings

Community Constellation Events

 At my workspace in downtown Bellingham, or via Zoom platform

Half Day, Full Day or Weekend Immersion Workshops

In my space in downtown Bellingham, online  or out in Nature

Check Schedule for Upcoming Events

I hold workshops locally, domestically and internationally and welcome invitations to do so by individuals and groups

Learning Circles or Trainings

For those desiring to be a part of an ongoing, committed group.
The rhythm allows for a deepening of connection between participants and augments awareness and compassion for our shared humanity.

Minimum of 6 participants 

Contact Laura (click here) to be added to the wait list for the next Learning Circle or Training.

Zoom Online Constellations

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“I felt more supported working with Laura than I ever have in my life.
I am so thankful, beyond words.”
~ Amy H.



As John Muir has said … “Nature has a way of washing your spirit clean!”

Soultreks are designed specifically for Constellation and Coaching Immersions while out on the trail for any part of a day, overnight or multi-day backpacking in the wilderness.

Being outside in natural beauty is a healing resource on many levels, and often allows for increased creative flow and problem solving. 

“I did a Soultrek Constellation in a woodland area that I love.
 It was interesting to have squirrels, birds, acorns, sunbeams, and a gentle breeze every once in awhile bringing insights at just the right moment. It made me laugh. I left feeling soothed and calm. 
I highly recommend doing constellation coaching with Laura. It is an unusual experience that brought me clarity on a job issue I have been stuck on for year.”
~ TN