Setting Up a Constellation

How Do We Set Up a Systemic or Family Constellation?

A Family or Systemic Constellation begins by stating the issue one desires to shift. The client can also choose to keep the issue confidential, the process works either way.

The facilitator may ask the client some questions that may often reveal where the hidden connections reside within their system. Representatives are then chosen for the elements of the issue, and are subsequently placed inside the circle formed by the attendees.

Representatives are simply asked to notice what is happening inside of them, and share it with the group. As the process develops, movements and dialogues ensue that inevitably provide key information and insight. This is not family sculpting or acting. If nothing is felt, that Is the noticing. No one has to ‘make something up’ to share.

When working 1:1, a client chooses and places objects for representatives of their stated issue, while the facilitator may also choose to step in to represent briefly, if needed.

Soon, a 3D representation of the client’s inner unconscious image of the issue appears.

The facilitator will periodically check in with representatives, asking questions like:

What are you noticing in your body right now? What movements feel right to make? What feels important to share?  We observe how these responses start to shift the constellation of elements.

The facilitator has no pre-conceived ideas or interpretations as to where or how the constellation information will unfold. It is our training to follow the energy, the scent of the soul, and deeply listen to the messages on every level we are trained in or gifted to hear.

Inevitably, from the broader Field of Information, beyond ordinary knowing, new information arises, as well as new images, connections, perhaps metaphors, archetypes, symbols, sounds, urgent messages from past, present, or even future scenarios, that may provoke fresh insight and epiphany. Now, a reunion of what was lost or forgotten, hidden or cast out, suppressed, unknown, frozen, or severed spontaneously, starts to flow, resulting in a restoration of wholeness in the larger soul. This reunion restructures the neuropathways, new images overlaying the old, restoring order, strength, vibrancy, and offering new meaning.

“Laura is a master at humbly creating the space for this process to unfold on its own.
She doesn’t insert her own ego into the work,
so there is a gentle allowance for humanity’s pain to be witnessed and flowed.
It feels like both a personal and collective sigh of relief.

~Scott, Circle participant