Through the Darkness, Our Hearts Healing

Wednesday, December 19th
Community Constellation Evening
With Laura J. Widman, MA

The Oasis Studio, Fairhaven, WA.
Exchange: Sliding Scale: $10-40
This Introductory Evening is limited to the first 16 people that RSVP to

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” ~Helen Keller

On Saturday, December 19th, we will be engaging in a powerful and experiential healing process devoted to transforming inherited patterns that may be at the root of some of your current life challenges. Using the Systemic and Family Constellations approach, we will engage the group to source the underpinnings stored beyond ordinary knowing, connected to and driving the issues we witness in our lives today. We shall uncover the current entanglements and obstacles and facilitate movements toward your preferred state of being.

Constellation evenings provide an introductory experience to this embodied experiential group process where participants will be invited to stand and represent key elements that relate to the issue posed. As these chosen individuals stand in representation, they will be gently guided to tap into a field of consciousness that allows them to share information that pertains to the hidden dynamics deeply connected to your issue.

The process is often illuminating, awe-inspiring and surprisingly accurate.

Directions given to the Oasis studio upon registration:
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Laura Widman, MA, APN has been a catalyst for healing and transformation for nearly two decades. She is not only a Systemic and Family Constellation practitioner but also an Integrative Health Coach weaving a variety of effective techniques designed to provide opportunities for you to shift from struggle to shine.

Those who work with Laura are given the benefit of her focused attention, presence, and deep capacity for holding space with gentle, and respectful support.

“Laura Widman’s work transcends time and place. She holds the sacred space that is necessary to heal your oldest wounds and manifest a new, freer way of being. No one could ask for a better guide on the journey of going inward, letting go of what is not yours to carry, and aligning with your heart’s truest desires.” ~Jessica L.