InJoy Life Group Offering

WHY InJoy Life Groups?

We spend so much of our lives trying to NOT feel pain, conflict, shame, sorrow….

We run, and rage,

We hide and fight,

We numb,

Go small, withdraw, and bite.

What if we could switch up our coping strategies and build our capacity to Feel, instead?

To Feel it All.

To build trust in our own exquisite and sensate design?

To have experiences that generate faith that our feelings won’t annihilate us,

but actually deepen us?

Now’s the time to settle IN.

To fully Embody the truth of who and what we are,

before we lose the chance to be wholly Human.

If you are overloaded, overwhelmed or exhausted by your own survival strategies,

and unable to continue to outrun your issues, then don’t.

Stop, Drop and Feel.

Find a better way of doing Life.

We welcome you to explore with us, shake things up a bit, touch the untouchable

And begin to discover how to more fully

InJoy Life, exactly as it is.