Hello Everyone,
I am back from witnessing and singing my Dad “Home.” It was an honor to do so and I am honed by the fiery “grieflove” of loss.
I am ready to step back into the Field, to stand and witness your grief, your love, your rage, shame, joy, terror, confusion, numbness, yearning, uncertainty, desire, darkness, and light. It is all allowable here, not an ounce of judgement. It’s safe here to air the dirty laundry of our family systems and begin to clean ourselves from the inside out..clearing habitual thought patterns bogging us down, entanglements, sometimes generations old, and free ourselves from carrying burdens that don’t belong to us. Let’s go straight to the origin and with care, disentangle and ground ourselves in our sovereign selves.

The unpredictability of springtime weather patterns so mirror our own internal weather. Let’s find the blue sky that we all know is our true nature despite any residual transgenerational unresolved muck. Bring your issues, any are fair fodder for our exploration together!

Let’s do this Spring cleaning together, as a community, and to quote the De-Clutter Queen, Marie Kondo, anything that doesn’t spark joy can be acknowledged, thanked, and Let Go.

Here are the details:

Saturday, April 6
At my Fairhaven (Southside Bellingham) studio
Sliding scale donation: $25-40
Newbies to Constellation work welcomed!
Bring a friend! Bring a water bottle and warm socks for a shoe-free space!
Space is limited and Directions given upon Registration.
REGISTER HERE: https://laurajwidman.com/register-and-pay/
Refund window closes 48 hours in advance of start time.
Space is limited, so please let me know as soon as possible of your intentions. Thanks!

Family and Systemic Constellations:

Family Constellations are a groundbreaking modality, honing in on often misunderstood aspects of the human experience: the effect your family of origin has on your present day life and how it is unfolding. This is an experiential approach, in which fellow participants will be invited to represent relevant aspects of your issue. Using a form of resonance and mirror neuronal capacity, perhaps, we tap into an awareness greater than our conscious mind, connecting us to information within our inheritance that may be impacting our current life, unknowingly.

The power of this approach is in its ability to reveal what underlies confusing or complex issues that simply can’t be solved cognitively through other forms of therapy.

Our aim is to go to the root of the issue you bring, using Constellations as a tool, along with other methods that I find efficacious, allowing you to coalesce and integrate a new image and understanding of your life.

We clear the cobwebs between you and your desires and goals in a manner unlike any other. It is work we can do one on one, or in a group, in service to the greater good as each of us brings ourselves to a stronger, clearer, more potent and peaceful connection to our core self.
The beauty of the work together is that it allows us to see that we are all connected within a vast and flowing wholeness and we each carry a part of the whole. As each of us becomes clearer and connected it impacts All of us in a positive way.
Go TEAM!!!
I look forward to seeing you Saturday!