“Laura is an incredibly kind, generous, and intuitive empath.  She has changed my life. I’m a 26 year-old grad student who suffered from anxiety and depression, not helped by traditional talk therapy and afraid to get hooked on pharmaceuticals.  I’m so grateful to know and work with Laura over the phone, long distance, as she has helped me gain clarity and contentment in my life now, as well as the confidence to break old and distant patterns of thinking and being, and usher in new, authentic and electrifying pathways.” ~J.G.


Laura invites you to take a deeper exploration, beyond the known, into the neurobiology that is creating the issue supporting your distress. Sometimes, these thoughtforms and neural networks originate long before your conception, inherited epigenetically, through your lineage. Our work together is to locate, process, and release the residue. Changes in your perception and relationship with your be-ing, are natural outcomes, often culminating in a foundational feeling of embodiment, integrated coherence, and spatiousness as never felt before.

Clients have reported experiencing:

  • Freedom from the feeling of being immobilized with increases in motivation and action
  • Chronic symptoms improving and/or resolving altogether. Increased wellbeing
  • A lifting of depression or anxiety and ability to return to the flow of life in a refreshing way
  • A deepening of the felt sense of support and connection within oneself
  • Sustainable improvements in the ease of connection with family of origin, significant others, and/or children
  • Increased clarity in life purpose, and a reinventing of how to be of service in the world.
  • A feeling of vibrancy, motivation, awareness of one’s gifts and enjoyment of life
  • Feelings of being in a co-creative universe with a more playful attitude about life
  • An embodied sense of calm
  • Awareness of the unconscious load-balancing that happens in the family soul
  • A more satisfying life
  • And more

“Laura is a skilled practitioner who has synthesized multiple healing modalities to achieve the best outcome for each individual. She is also sensitive, caring, and respectful of both the client and process. For me, she demonstrated the use of creative intuition to bring about the resolution of key issues, allowing me to find fresh perspectives that were invaluable and otherwise unavailable to me. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone!” ~Sharon P.